Covering all of California in Shavings

California’s Largest Provider of Bulk or Bagged Shavings

Gene married LeeAnn, his high school sweetheart, over 30 years ago and they run this family owned business.

“Because of the integrity of our business we’ve never burned bridges or owed money and that has a lot to do with our success.”

As construction decreases and smaller sawmills close, new customers are turning to CVC Shavings. Since they’ve built a sizable business that works with the larger sawmills and controls the entire cycle of the shavings from sawmill to barn, customers can be confident that their order will be filled and delivered on time.

“We deliver when we say we will,” says Gene with confidence.

If a customer needs shavings in bulk, Gene Hull Trucking, Inc. will pick them up at the mill and then deliver them directly to the customer’s facility. And if a customer needs shavings bagged, Gene Hull Trucking, Inc. picks up the shavings at the mill, takes them to the bagging machine and then delivers it to the customer’s facility bagged. This makes CVC Shavings California’s largest provider of shavings whether customers need “bulk or bags” because they do both.

CVC Shavings has been supplying the highest quality wood shavings in California for almost 30 years. Their success is based on uncompromising dedication to the highest standards in quality and customer satisfaction.

Gene Hull Trucking, Inc and Central Valley Commodities are proof that with hard work and a vision, dreams do come true.